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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Review

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds finds itself in a weird place. In many ways, the game has never been stronger, with new modes, more maps, and growing eSports fans.

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PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS goes mobile – the original Battle Royale game is now available on your device!

1. Official PUBG on MOBILE
One hundred players parachute onto a remote 8×8 km island for a winner-takes-all showdown. gamers ought to discover and scavenge their very own guns, vehicles and materials, and defeat each participant in a graphically and tactically rich battleground that forces gamers right into a shrinking play zone. get prepared to land, loot, and do something it takes to continue to exist and be the final man status!

Pubg Download Apk
Pubg Download Apk

2. High-quality Graphics and HD Audio
The powerful Unreal engine four creates a jaw of losing visual experience with rich details, practical gameplay outcomes and big HD map for Battle Royale. Experience such as you is in the thick of the movement as you play with the incredible audio, immersive 3-D sound effects and more.

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3. Realistic Weapons
continuously growing lethal arsenal of firearms, melee weapons, and throwables with sensible ballistics and travel trajectories gives you the option to shoot, beat down, or incinerate your adversaries. oh, and you like the pan? we’ve were given the pan.

4. Travel in Style
Commandeer a spread of motors such as carsvehiclesbikes, and boats to seek out your enemies, race them to the play region or make a swift break out.

5. Team Up with Friends
Survive the battle along with your pals. Invite and team up together with your buddies, coordinate your warfare plan via voice chat and installation the correct ambush.

6. Fair Gaming Environment
Powerful anti-cheat mechanisms ensure a fun and fair environment for all PUBG MOBILE players.

Not Just A Game. This Is Battle Royale.

* Requires a persistent internet connection.
* Recommended specs for getting the most from of PUBG MOBILE: Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2 GB RAM.

The general flow of a game then is brutal as follows:

  • You’ll spawn in the plane, and need to choose somewhere to land. We’ve put together a dedicated guide on the best PUBG loot locations on Erangel and Miramar, as well as specific pages on the Erangel map and Miramar map, too, but the short version here is that you want to avoid high-traffic areas like major towns and cities, and find a safe little spot to loot some weapons and equipment on your own.
  • Then, when you’re all set (or run out of things to loot before the electrical field starts getting close) it’s a case of going where the white circle is. You’ll need to find safe points to rest, loot, and defend yourself along the way, while the player count gradually drops until you ideally reach the last 10 or 15 players.
  • At that point, most people’s strategies go out the window, but hopefully, that’s where the final part of this page comes in most handy, where we go through not only the useful stuff for the early and mid game but some advanced tips for winning that final fight to the death.

PUBG beginners tips for mastering Battlegrounds

PUBG can get a little overwhelming, especially for beginners, so here’s a rundown of the basics that you need to know – and some useful stuff that it really helps to get to grips with early – before we start diving into the more advanced strategies.

Mastering the essentials: setting up and basic controls

1. Remember to put away your weapon (the X key on PC), meaning you can sprint six percent faster.

2. In the pre-game, take off your shoes! Barefoot running is the same speed as running with shoes, but you’re noticeably quieter on most surfaces.

3. To refuel, the vehicle needs to be completely static, but you can still refuel from within the car by right-clicking the cannister in your inventory.

4. Use map markers at all times, and call out specific directions (numbers as well as North/South/East/West) when in a team.

5. You can stay in the game’s voice chat, but set your own chat to party-only – occasionally you’ll overhear enemy teams who forgot to set theirs to private.

6. Remember to toggle your rate of fire with the B key or left on the d-pad on a console.

7. There are not two, but three types of aiming. Hip fire, a more accurate hip-fire (holding right mouse-button), and aiming-down-sights (‘ADS’, by tapping right mouse-button). You’ll also be able to change the settings to go straight to ADS by holding right-click rather than toggling it on/off.

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