Wreck-It Ralph just appeared in Fortnite – Pixar it didn’t happen.

Wreck-It Ralph just appeared in Fortnite
Wreck-It Ralph just appeared in Fortnite – Process to Break the Internet Brace Your Self Fortniter…
Disney hero Wreck-It Ralph just made a brief cameo in Fortnite, for (so far) only one player worldwide.
Streamer MozzzyyTwitch was running around Fortnite’s outdoor cinema area Risky Reels when Wreck-It Ralph himself happened to pop up on screen.
No-one else has reported this occurring, but MozzzyyTwitch has posted video evidence:
Wreck-It Ralph sequel Ralph Breaks the internet launched in the US last night – just when his cameo in the game appeared. The film’s UK release is next week.
The original film included countless nods to video game culture, as well as brief appearances from video game characters such as Bowser, Dr. Eggman and M. Bison. These plus many more are due to appear in the sequel.
US moviegoers who saw Ralph Breaks the Internet last night report several nods to Fortnite are in the film – although, sadly, it doesn’t sound like there’s a moment where Ralph peers through a screen to see MozzzyyTwitch playing Fortnite on the other side.

Five Fortnite Secret – To Watch Over

1 Race Track

Race Track

Replacing the squiggly, dirt track is a proper race track that’s perfect for drifting the All Terrain Kart around.

2 Lazy Links Golf Course

Head on over to Lazy Links and you’ll find a golf course, which is perfect for those who’ve got the Golf Ball Toy. Get your mates together and get a full 18 holes in. If you successfully sink a ball, the killfeed will even tell you how far your drive or putt was

3 Moai Heads

Moai Heads

Seemingly randomly generated, you’ll find ancient Moai themed heads when moving across the map. They’re based off the enormous monolithic statues you find on Easter Island, carved by the Rapa Nui people all the way back in years 1250 and 1500. Bet they didn’t expect them to be in Fortnite eh?

4 Viking Village

On the enormous hill just South East of Snobby Shores and you’ll find a fully fledged Viking Village. An enormous Viking ship’s also planted on the edge of the waterfall which indicates they’ve probably been pulled into the world unexpectedly while rowing through the misty shores of some brisk Nordic waters.

5 Goodbye Tomato Sign

The Rift’s whisked away the ever-smiling Tomato head mascot in Tomato Town and it looks as if the community is still in mourning. Head on up to the roof of the pizza parlour and you’ll find a toppled sign that reads, “Goodbye” with a tomato symbol next to it – brings a tear to our eye.

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